A Chorus Line

Zach – director, choreographer (This part previously cast)

Larry – Zach’s assistant

Don Kerr – a married man who once working in a strip club

Maggie Winslow – a sweet women who grew up in a broken home

Mike Costa – an aggressive dance who learned to tap at an early age

Connie Wong – a petite Chinese-American who seems ageless

Greg Gardner – a sassy Jewish gay man who divulges his first experience                                                                                                        with a woman

Cassie Ferguson (lead role) – a once successful solo dancer down on her luck and former lover  of Zach

Sheila Bryant – a sassy, sexy, aging dancer who tells of her unhappy childhood

Bobby Mills – Sheila’s best friend who jokes about his conservative upbringing in Buffalo New York

Bebe Benzenheimer – a young dancer who only feels beautiful when she dances

Judy Turner – a tall, gawky and quirky dancer

Richie Walters – African-American, an enthusiastic black man who once planned to be a kindergarten teacher

Al DeLuca – an Italian-American who takes care of his wife

Kristine Urich – Al’s scatter-brained wide who can’t sing

Val Clark – a foul mouthed but excellent dancer who couldn’t get dancing jobs because of her looks until she had plastic surgery

Mark Anthony – the youngest dancer who recounts the time he told his priest he thought he had gonorrhea

Paul San Marco – a gay Puerto Rican who dropped out of high school and survived a troubled childhood

Diana Morales – Paul’s friend, another Puerto Rican who was underestimated by her teachers.

Tricia – who has a brief solo

Vicki – who never studied ballet

Lois – who dances like a ballerina

Roy – who can’t get the arms right (wrong arms Roy)

Butch – who gives attitude in the audition

Tom – an all-American Jock

Frank – who looks at his feet

There are also some really bad dancers at the top of the show who get cut immediately and do not appear in the rest of the show. So if you are a lousy dancer, there is a part for you!

Also, we need chorus singers who sing the show from the orchestra pit but do not appear on stage.